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  • Light Yellow Forever Rose

    450 AED

    Our “Light-Yellow Forever Rose”, a light-yellow preserved flower in a glass dome, is made with high-quality materials and is designed to last for years. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to show appreciation and love, this gift is a perfect way. This gift’s recipient will be delighted by the beauty and elegance of this arrangement and know just how much you care.

    • Mysterious
    • Complex
    • Intriguing
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  • Love in Blooms

    599 AED

    Introducing “Love in Blooms,” a mesmerizing flower arrangement that encapsulates the warmth and enchantment of true romance. This fascinating creation boasts an L-shaped collection of radiant red roses, expertly designed to highlight the grace and allure of feelings. Each glorious rose in the “Love in Blooms” arrangement is thoughtfully handpicked for its vivid hue and impeccable shape, delivering a spectacular display of devotion that leaves a deep, lasting impression.

    • Innovative
    • Captivating
    • Radiant
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  • Luminous Bloom

    450 AED

    “Luminous Bloom” is a spectacular floral arrangement that combines the timeless beauty of garden roses, blue hydrangeas, and eucalyptus leaves. This elegant and refined display creates a sense of sophistication and elegance that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion where you want to show your love and appreciation. High-quality flowers and attention to detail make “Luminous Bloom” a standout product.

    • Calm
    • Clear
    • Composed
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  • Luxurious Snow-White Bouquet

    399 AED

    “Luxurious Snow-White Bouquet” is a breathtaking arrangement of premium white roses, carefully curated to make the perfect anniversary gift. This stunning bouquet is a symbol of purity, elegance, and love. Each bloom is expertly selected and arranged by our skilled florists, creating a stunning visual display that will take your breath away. This modern bouquet adds an extra touch of sophistication.

    • Elegant
    • Premium
    • Sophisticated
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  • Majestic Bloom

    299 AED

    Introducing “Majestic Bloom,” a sublime fresh flower arrangement that embodies the essence of grace, charm, and elegance. This enchanting creation features a breathtaking display of light-colored flowers, skillfully combined with a touch of verdant greenery to craft a supernatural masterpiece that captivates the senses. Each delicate flower in this arrangement is hand-selected for its soft hues and flawless form, ensuring an awe-inspiring and harmonious composition.

    • Serene
    • Delicate
    • Artistic
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  • Mediterranean Retreat

    349 AED

    Mediterranean Retreat is a beautifully crafted product that brings the essence of the Mediterranean to your home or office. The product features a collection of dried flowers, including lavender, rosemary, and other fragrant botanicals commonly found in the region.

    In summary, Mediterranean Retreat is a delightful product with beauty and fragrance. It is a perfect addition to any space and is an ideal gift for anyone who loves natural beauty.

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  • Mix Flower Bouquet

    425 AED

    This Mixed Flower Bouquet is a stunning combination of hydrangeas, carnations, garden roses, and blush pink roses. The wispy sprays of eucalyptus and greenery add a unique and interesting touch to this beautiful arrangement. Each bloom complements the other, creating a cohesive and harmonious display. This bouquet will surely delight and impress, whether as a gift or a centerpiece.

    • Adaptable
    • Flexible
    • Multi-functional
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  • Mother’s Day Special Bouquet

    375 AED

    Surprise your mom with an elegant “Mother’s Day Bouquet” wrapped in beautiful purple paper and bursting with colorful flowers. This stunning arrangement perfectly shows appreciation and makes her feel extra special on her special day. Each flower has been thoughtfully selected and arranged to create a harmonious display of natural beauty. Whether your mom prefers classic roses, cheerful daisies, or exotic orchids, we customize bouquets according to your preference.

    • Thoughtfully arranged
    • Customizable
    • Harmonious
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  • Mystic Meadow

    449 AED

    This unique Mystic Meadow dried flower arrangement showcases an artful mix of wheat, millet, amaranth, barley, rye, and Setaria, creating a visually captivating display reflecting nature’s bounty’s beauty. The arrangement boasts a variety of textures and earthy tones, offering a sense of warmth and authenticity for multipurpose. Perfect for adding a touch of organic appeal to your home or event, this arrangement is suitable for farm-to-table dinners, weddings, or simply as a decorative piece to enhance the beauty of any place. It is crafted with care and attention to detail. This dried flower arrangement is an eco-conscious reminder of the natural world’s simple yet profound beauty.

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  • Neon-Pink Forever Rose

    450 AED

    “Neon-Pink Forever Rose” is a stunning preserved flower with an eye-catching neon-pink color. This everlasting rose is carefully preserved to maintain its natural beauty and color, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. The vibrant hue of this rose adds a pop of color to any space, making it a stylish addition to your home décor.

    • Eye-catching
    • Everlasting
    • Stylish
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  • Nordic Winter

    599 AED

    Introducing our Nordic Winter dried flower arrangement – a stunning display of natural beauty that adds a touch of elegance to any room. This expertly crafted bouquet features a mix of high-quality cotton, white and red pampas, and other neutral-dried elements, carefully arranged to create a timeless and sophisticated look. Whether as a gift or for home décor, this bouquet will impress with its natural beauty and rustic charm. The flowers and elements remain fresh and vibrant for years, making them a perfect addition to any collection. Bring a touch of nature into your home.

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  • Ocean Breeze Bouquet

    399 AED

    “Ocean Breeze Bouquet” is a refreshing and vibrant arrangement that captures the essence of the ocean with its blue and green hues. This bouquet features stunning peonies, chrysanthemums, and other colorful flowers that complement each other perfectly. The greenery adds depth and texture to the bouquet, creating a natural and organic feel. This bouquet is perfect for any occasion and brings tranquility and beauty.

    • Balance
    • Peaceful
    • Unity
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  • Oriental Grace

    749 AED

    This Oriental Grace natural dried flower arrangement with the female face sculpture is a beautiful blend of warm and natural-toned grasses, including hare’s tail, wheat, amaranth, and delicate lavender, baby’s-breath. The combination of different textures and colors creates a harmonious and elegant arrangement that brings the beauty of nature into any place. The hare’s tail grass adds a touch of movement, the wheat and amaranth bring a sense of warmth, and the lavender and baby’s-breath add a touch of grace. It will maintain its beauty for years and can be displayed in various settings to bring beauty and nature to your space.

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  • Passionate Petals

    499 AED

    “Passionate Petals” is more than just a floral arrangement – it’s a declaration of love and passion. This captivating creation features a stunning medley of delicate red roses. The heart-shaped box that houses the roses is a work of art designed to resemble a beautiful red rose. The soft, delicate petals of the roses, coupled with their enchanting fragrance, create an unforgettable sensory experience.

    • Romantic
    • Fragrant
    • Heart-shaped
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  • Pastel Pink Forever Rose

    450 AED

    “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” , a preserved flower in a glass dome, is a stunning gift to celebrate Women’s Day. This forever rose is carefully crafted to last for years or more, making it a unique and long-lasting way to show appreciation for the special women in your life. This gift will surely impress her whether for your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or any special woman.

    • Calming
    • Enduring
    • Contentment
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  • Pink Forever Rose

    450 AED

    “Pink Forever Rose”a black stunning beautiful preserved flower in a glass dome is an exquisite and thoughtful gift that conveys love, admiration, and appreciation. The delicate pink hue of the rose represents gentleness, grace, and femininity, making it an ideal gift for the special person of your life. The glass dome, however, provides a charming and unique presentation that makes the gift even more special and memorable. 

    • Fortunate
    • Rare
    • Positive
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