Circular Designed Open Vase

399 AED

With its modern and edgy design, this Circular Designed Open Vase with a sharp circular edge is the perfect piece of home decor for those who love to add a touch of contemporary style to their space. The sleek brownish black color and circular edge give it a unique look that will catch the eye. Whether used to display flowers or as a decorative piece, this vase is a versatile addition to any room. 



With its compact size, this Circular Designed Open Vase is perfect for smaller spaces or as a centerpiece for a dining table. Its unique design and high-quality construction make it a practical and stylish addition to any home decor collection. The circular sharp-edge design adds a touch of visual interest, while the sleek brownish black color complements a variety of color schemes. The open design of the vase allows for easy placement of flowers, bouquets or other decorative items, while the smooth surface catches the light and adds a subtle sparkle to any space. This vase is a practical and stylish addition to any home decor collection, perfect for use in smaller spaces.

Bold Brownish Design: This impressive brownish black-colored open vase is stylish and eye-catching. It’s circular sharp edge design adds a modern touch to any room, making it the ideal statement piece for your home decor.

Versatile Home Decor: Whether you use it as a vase or a decorative item, this Circular Designed Open Vase is an essential addition to any home. You can pair it with other pieces for a unique and elegant look.

Durable Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, this vase is built to last. It is strong and sturdy, ensuring it will remain beautiful for years.

Easy Maintenance: This vase requires minimal maintenance; wipe it clean with a damp cloth when needed and use glass cleaner occasionally for best results.

Affordable: This stunning Circular Designed Open Vase is affordable, allowing you to create a stylish living space in a reasonable budget.


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