Pastel Pink Forever Rose

450 AED

“Pastel Pink Forever Rose” , a preserved flower in a glass dome, is a stunning gift to celebrate Women’s Day. This forever rose is carefully crafted to last for years or more, making it a unique and long-lasting way to show appreciation for the special women in your life. This gift will surely impress her whether for your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or any special woman.

  • Calming
  • Enduring
  • Contentment
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The “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” is a stunning and elegant gift for any occasion. This preserved rose is carefully crafted to last for years, maintaining its natural beauty and charm. The delicate pastel pink hue symbolizes love, gratitude, and appreciation, making it a perfect gift for a loved one, friend, or family member. The rose is presented in a clear glass dome, adding to its beauty and sophistication. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or to show someone you care, the “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” is a unique and meaningful way to express your love and affection.

Long-Lasting Beauty: “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” is beautiful and long-lasting. It is carefully preserved using a special technique that maintains its natural beauty and vibrant color, making it an everlasting symbol of your love and appreciation. 

Thoughtful Gesture: “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” is a unique and thoughtful gift idea for Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women. Whether for your mother, wife, sister, daughter, or friend, this rose is a beautiful way to show appreciation and support.

Meaningful Symbolism: The pink color of this rose symbolizes love, grace, gratitude, and admiration. It is a perfect representation of the admiration and appreciation that you have for someone in your life. 

Versatile Decoration: “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” is a meaningful gift and a versatile decoration that can be used in any home or office space. It can be displayed in a vase, glass dome, or as a centerpiece for a special occasion.

Easy to Care for: “Pastel Pink Forever Rose” requires minimal maintenance, making it a convenient and hassle-free gift. Place it in a prominent location, and the rose will maintain its vibrant color and beauty for years. 


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