Sharp Edgy Wave Style Vase

199 AED

This Sharp Edgy Wave Style Vase is a conversation starter that will draw attention and admiration from all who see it. Its sharp angles and wavy lines create a dynamic and edgy look, while the raw dots design at the bottom adds an extra dimension to its already stunning design. Its compact size is perfect for displaying your favorite flowers or foliage, and its easy-to-clean surface makes maintenance a breeze. Invest in this one-of-a-kind vase and enjoy its beauty for years to come!



Crafted with care and attention to detail, this vase is built to last. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures it will remain a cherished piece in your collection for years. It is a true masterpiece of design that combines beauty, elegance, and functionality in one stunning package. This vase is a work of art, with its sharp edges and wavy lines creating a striking visual effect that will impress. It is a true investment piece that combines beauty, functionality, and practicality in one stunning package.

Elegant Home Decor: This Sharp, Edgy Wave Style Vase is the perfect way to spruce up any space. The unique and eye-catching design will instantly upgrade any room and make it look more stylish and modern.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality material, this vase is sure to last for years to come. Its durable construction ensures it can handle daily wear and tear without losing its design or shape.

Unique Design: The Sharp Edgy Wave Style Vase with raw dots at the Bottom has an interesting and unique design that sets it apart from other vases. Combining the two colors creates a striking contrast that adds character to any room.

Versatility: This vase looks great as a centerpiece but also pairs well with other home decor items such as plants, books, or figurines. Please place it in your living room or bedroom for a touch of sophistication.

Affordable Luxury: Add a luxurious touch to your home in just affordable price – this Sharp Edgy Wave Style Vase offers style and elegance at a reasonable price!


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