Vintage Beauty

599 AED

Introducing “Vintage Beauty”, a breathtaking collection of 50 pristine yellow roses meticulously handpicked to create an unforgettable experience of elegance and charm. Its gorgeous flowers are carefully arranged in a bespoke glass vase to protect and showcase their timeless allure. Roses of “Vintage Beauty” are meticulously cultivated by expert florists with their passion and expertise.

  • Timeless
  • Enchanting
  • Radiant


“Vintage Beauty” is more than just an arrangement of 50 yellow roses. Each rose is handpicked for its impeccable quality and arranged in a bespoke glass vase to showcase its unique charm. But “Vintage Beauty” isn’t just a treat for the eyes. Its enchanting fragrance fills the room, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who values quality, elegance, and timeless beauty. So, whether celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself, order “Vintage Beauty” today and experience the magic.

Features of Vintage Beauty

Radiant Sunshine Hues: 

Embrace the warmth and joy of the sun with our “Vintage Beauty” bouquet, featuring 50 stunning yellow roses. These cheerful blooms create an atmosphere of happiness and positivity, effortlessly brightening any space and lifting spirits with their radiant hues.

Enchanting Fragrance: 

These yellow roses’ delicate, alluring scent transports you to a serene, timeless garden. As each bloom unfurls its petals, it releases a gentle fragrance that whispers nostalgia and cherished memories, making every moment a truly sensory experience.

Expertly Handpicked Blooms: 

Our skilled florists meticulously select each yellow rose in the “Vintage Beauty” bouquet to ensure only the most vibrant and healthy flowers are chosen. This commitment to quality guarantees a breathtaking arrangement that exceeds expectations and makes a lasting impression.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

“Vintage Beauty” bouquet comes in a bespoke presentation glass. This environmentally conscious packaging protects the delicate blooms during transit and adds an elegant finishing touch to this timeless gift.

Perfect for Any Occasion: 

Whether celebrating an anniversary, expressing gratitude, or sending a heartfelt message, “Vintage Beauty” is the ideal choice. The classic elegance of these yellow roses transcends time, making them a versatile and memorable gift for any special moment in life.


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